Chorus Call Connect in the Cloud.

Chorus Call Connect, powered by LifeSize® is a fully hosted and managed service for professional video conferencing on any network and any device. With a simple download of the software you can connect to any H.323 and SIP standards-based video conferencing systems with one click from your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) video conferencing.

How does Chorus Call Connect work?

1. Sign Up for Chorus Call Connect accounts.
2. Download software for   Windows   |  Mac OS X   |   iOS Devices   or   Android
3. Start video calling any Chorus Call Connect user, any H323 or SIP device from your Desktop.

Associated endpoints

You can associate up to 5 physical SIP or H.323 endpoints to your Chorus Call Connect account. To add your endpoints simply log in to your Chorus Call Connect account and edit the list of associated endpoints in your account page by filling the IP Address. When you receive a call you will be able to answer from your PC, Mac or mobile device with the Chorus Call Connect client or from your video room system such as LifeSize®, Polycom or Cisco.

Firewall traversal

Chorus Call Connect takes care of all firewall and network related issues. You can call whomever you want, regardless of location without the need to configure your network.

H.323/SIP standards-based

Connect your Desktop, or Mobile device to any standards-based H.323 or SIP equipment. With Chorus Call Connect you can call a room system or an MCU and be there even when you are far away.

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