Chorus Call Connect Feature list

Chorus Call Connect Client - PC and Mac OS X

• Video: H.263, H.263+, H.264
• 1080p, 720p, 4CIF, CIF, QCIF, SQCIF res (self-adapting depending on available CPU cores)
• HD 720p and 1080p encoding and decoding
• H.323/SIP encryption
• Call recording, playback and export in Windows Media Video (WMV) or Quicktime (MOV)
• Framerate: up to 30 fps
• Automatic "quality vs. CPU load" dynamic adjustment
• Support for: standard USB webcams, High-Definition webcams and HDMI capture boards at resolutions up to 1920x1080, PAL/NTSC DV cameras over   Firewire IEEE-1394 (on Windows XP or better only)
• Audio: G.711 μ-law, A-law, G.722.1 Annex-C (Polycom® Siren14™)
• Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller and Audio Denoise Filter with VAD
• Send in-band or out-of-band DTMF
• 2 independent lines / 3-party continuous presence multiconference without external equipment (embedded transcoding MCU capabilities)
• Far End Camera Control (H.224, H.281)
• H.239 presentation (up to 1280x1024), VideoSharing
• Automatic bandwidth control, adaptive to actual network conditions
• Adaptive low-latency packet-loss recovery
• Supports asymmetric input/output bandwidths (e.g. ADSL)
• Download software for  Windows  or  Mac OS X

Chorus Call Connect Client - iPad, iPhone, and Android Mobiles & Tablets

• Address Book, Calls History, Privacy mode switch
• Send DTMF in-band or out-of-band
• H.224, H.281 (FECC)
• Video: Support for H.264 720p 15fps and qHD(960x540) 30fps on iPad 2 / qHD on selected Android devices / ITU-T H.263+ simultaneous encode/decode,   up to CIF resolution (352x288), 15fps, 384Kbps on all other supported devices
• Audio: G.711 μ-law, A-law
• Supports in-band dynamic resolution changes
• Download software for  iPad / iPhone  or  Android device
Certified devices

Full Interoperability

H.323/SIP standards-based

Connect your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device to any standards-based H.323 or SIP equipment. With Chorus Call Connect you can call a room system or an MCU and be there even when you are far away.

Secure communication

Share your information without worrying about threats. We take care of security for you with AES encryption.

Multiparty Video Calling

Turn any call into a multiparty video meeting. Chorus Call Connect powered by LifeSize, lets you seamlessly add participants into your call by clicking on a contact name.

Content Sharing & Collaboration

Share your desktop or any of your running applications with other participants in the call.

Stunning quality

Up to 1080p FullHD on your desktop.

Associated endpoints

You can associate up to 5 physical SIP or H.323 endpoints to your Chorus Call Connect account. To add your endpoints simply log in to your Chorus Call Connect account and edit the list of associated endpoints in your account page by filling the IP Address. When you receive a call you will be able to pick it up from your PC Mac and mobile device with the Chorus Call Connect client or from your video room system such as LifeSize, Polycom or Cisco.

Firewall traversal

Chorus Call Connect takes care of all firewall and network related issues. You can call whomever you want, regardless of location without the need to configure your network.

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