Chorus Call Connect Help & FAQs


What is Chorus Call Connect?

A fully hosted and managed service, powered by LifeSize® (ClearSea™) for professional video conferencing on any network and any device, including Windows PC, Apple Mac OS X, iPhones/iPads and Android devices.

Installation and Sign up

What are the minimum requirements?

See Certified Devices.

What are the supported devices?

The list of certified devices is available here.
If your device is not on the list, Chorus Call Connect will show the following message "WARNING. Your device seems to use an unsupported CPU. This program may not work as expected".
This does not mean that Chorus Call Connect will not work for sure, but that we do not confirm that it will work properly.

I do not receive call notifications on my iPhone with iOS5. What can I do?

iOS (v5 and above) Notification Center disables Local Notifications by default on existing apps. In order to be notified for an incoming call when Chorus Call Connect (ClearSea) client is in background you need to manually change the settings.

Go to Settings > Notifications > ClearSea. Switch on the Notification Center and enable Badge App Icon, Sounds and View in Lock Screen as shown in the image below.

In Call

What is the "ClearSea Extension"?

With your Chorus Call Connect (ClearSea) account you also get a numeric extension. This is useful in order to be called with legacy H.323 room systems that do not support URI dialing.
In other words: if your extension is "12345", just tell your buddies to dial "" and then enter "12345" when prompted so. And this always works, regardless of you being called with a ClearSea client or H.323 room system.

I keep getting a Server connection failure message - what can I do?

Please allow TCP 80 and 443 to

I can't see video/audio - what can I do?

Please allow UDP 10000-16000 to

I'm getting a lot of echo - what can I do?

In your desktop client, go to Settings>Audio and tick the Echo canceller option.

How do I switch camera on my mobile?

If your smartphone or tablet includes a back and a front facing camera, you can easily switch from one to the other by simply performing 3 quick taps on the screen. Also see: Certified Devices

Does Chorus Call Connect include multiparty video calling?

Yes, this is enabled via virtual room (Optional)

Can I record a call?

Yes, you can record any video call by clicking on the rec button in the bottom toolbar of your ClearSea desktop client. You can manage, playback and export your recorded calls in the recorder section.

How do I enable encryption?

This is enabled by default.

The embedded camera doesn't work - what can I do?

Built-in cameras are fully supported. The issue may be caused by another program (Skype, MSN or similar) which has taken exclusive access to the webcam device.

Please check if one of such programs is running and close it, restart ClearSea and verify if in the "Video" Section of ClearSea Configuration Panel if your device is now available.

Why can't I see all my contacts?

Please verify that "Show unavailable" box is checked.

How do I share content?

Content sharing is available only for desktop client. To enable content sharing please go to Settings > Codecs and check the box Presentation (H.239).
To share content during a call please click on Share at the bottom of ClearSea Main Window (where you have buddy list) and choose what you want to share.

For additional assistance, please contact us on 1800 98 88 98 or

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